Motor Boat Rentals are available for fishing or for those who like to boat around the lake.  We recommended that you pre-book in advance as they are subject to availability.   

Motor Boats are equipped with gas, life-jackets (ADULT JACKETS ONLY) and a safety kit.

**Adult life jackets are supplied at limited quantity and we ask for parents to bring your own life jackets for your children. 

A Pleasure Craft Operators Card is required to rent a boat.  


Aluminum Boat w/ 9.9hp motor:
$65 for 4 hours (min.)                             + additional time $10/hr

All prices are INCLUSIVE of tax.

Boats MUST be returned by DUSK.

Boat Rental Application Form

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Name of Applicant (must be 25 years or older)
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Phone Number
Date Requested *
Date Requested
Please let us know for how many hours/days your rental is required for. Please list all boat passengers.
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Please read the Boat Rental Waiver Form.  Agreement must be signed and sent to