Cottage Rules

Guests must agree to read and abide by the cottage rules.  Inventory and equipment are to be used in a safe and responsible manner. 

Guests agree to leave the cottage, including all furniture, fixtures, and chattels in the same state of repair and condition that they were in upon the start of the rental period. 

Breakage or damage to inventory, canoes, equipment or any other part of cottage property, above and beyond normal “wear and tear” will result in charges being billed to the registered guest.

Guests agree to maintain cleanliness of the cottage and it's surroundings as it was upon check in.  Failure to do so will result in a $60 per hour charge for the time required to complete the cleaning.   


Power Outages

Electrical power may be interrupted in the event of a storm or other weather occurrence.  Please note that you may experience longer than normal wait times for power to be restored.  Our suggestion is that you bring flashlights or use the battery powered candles that we have provided.  Candles are NOT allowed in our cottages.

Please note that during a power outage, we ask that you refrain from using the water system as it operates on an electric pump.


Cleanliness & Garbage

We ask that you keep the cottage clean using the supplies provided.  The fridge/freezer should be emptied upon departure.  

Garbage cannot be left outside of the cottage at ANY time.  Garbage must be put into garbage bags and placed in the correctly marked bin located on the main road.

Recycling is to be placed directly into the correctly marked bins located on the main road.

There is absolutely NO SMOKING inside any of our cottages.  Ashtrays are provided outdoors so please keep all butts in ashtrays/pails.

Please remember to take all your personal items with you when you check out.  Dunromin Cottages by the Lake is not responsible for any lost items nor shipping items back to you.


Washrooms & Septic System

Our cottages operate on a septic system.  Please DO NOT dispose anything other than natural waste in the toilets.  There are trash bins provided in the washrooms for paper waste, feminine hygiene products, hair etc.  If any of this got into our septic system, it would back up into the cottage. 

Toilette paper is supplied on a limited quantity and can be purchased locally.  We ask that you use 1 or 2 ply toilet paper only.



Each cottage has a full-sized propane barbeque and is equipped with a propane tank.  Barbeque utensils and a cleaning brush is provided.  Do not burn any wood or anything other than food in the barbecue.  After each use, kindly clean and brush it down. 

Always remember to turn off the propane tank when not in use.


Cottage Community

Please keep noise levels down after 11:00 pm.



Smoking in the cottage is NOT permitted.  

Although we enforce “no smoking” in our cottages, we do not take responsibility for allergies or other conditions due to previous negligence of this policy.